Build and Become

Good Tree ~ Good Fruit Media is also affiliated to Build and Become Community Projects. 
For more about this non-profit, Christian and original ideas organization please click the link for the Build and Become page below:
The concept behind Build and Become is that we can support communities other than our own local community to develop. We are looking at building people’s lives through education and good character. Please consider the ways in which you can help.

Ray of Hope

This is a Christian registered charitable organization in Tainan, Taiwan that assists young women in crisis pregnancies. The staff or Ray of Hope are trained to assist woman in difficulties, providing counseling and a temporary house where pregnant mothers can come to term and give birth. They also facilitate adoptions. For more about this organization click on the link below:

Charity can seem like an offense to us. We ask why people always want money from us? Then if we think back about how we may have benefitted from a charity or NGO in the past, we might think differently about supporting a one now.

Steven Clegg

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