Charities we support

We are a business that wishes to support and fund organisations that seek to address vital issues facing communities and our environment. Please consider the following good causes:

ABC for Life

We teach semi-literate children (who have fallen behind in the school system) the basic tools necessary for everyday life: speaking, reading and writing. We are based at Sentinel Intermediate School in Hout Bay, where children often struggle to keep up, due to large classes and lack of qualified teachers. We also target street children, teach them to read and write, and bridge them back into the mainstream education system, whereby they have a better chance at a bright future.

IAPF – International Anti-poaching Foundation

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation was established by Damien Mander in 2009. The organization trains and equips rangers in effective anti-poaching methods. It is dedicated to conservation, so it partners with other organizations and seeks co-operation with local communities. It is registered as a non-profit organization in Australia. For more information, visit their website:

Build and Become Community Projects

Good Tree Good Fruit Media is also affiliated to Build and Become Community Projects. The concept behind Build and Become is that we can support communities other than our own local community to develop. We are looking at building people’s lives through education and good character. Please consider the ways in which you can help. For more about this non-profit, Christian and original ideas organization please click the link for the  Build and Become page below:

build and become

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