One of our organizational goals is to contribute to better education of children which leads to empowerment of young minds. We also wish to foster good character in our young generation. Some of our expertise is also in education, so we really want to publish recourses that are useful for teachers and students. Some educational rights for children include the right to be taken seriously and the right to a good education.

Developing a love for reading in children is a serious challenge these days, considering the dominance of online video, television and video games. We believe that books are still an essential and tested tool for teaching children to read. We also believe that books should be relevant to the circumstances and situations in which children are growing and learning. Thus, there is the need to make books speak to the child’s experience and interests, whilst challenging them to expand their mindsets. We are hoping that you will partner with us in helping children who have less than adequate educational circumstances. There is a project endeavoring to help children in Cape Town, South Africa to develop their linguistic and mathematical competencies. For more information please refer to our charity page.

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A child, despite the poverty surrounding him, dreams s/he can conquer dragons and become the people’s champion.


Books open young minds to heroes, dreams, a future of hope and a better life for all.


Our children need to be empowered now to be competent with future technologies.

We have made some of our educational media available on other websites.

For EFL recourses intended for English learners, please visit the ISL Collective website and download them for free. Click on the link below:

Generous acts now change how our children will live tomorrow.

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