Environmental Policy

As a writer, I sincerely believe that my literature can lead to a greater concern about the human impact on our stressed and declining environment. I would not call myself an eco-warrior in the conventional sense, but my heart aligns with many of these people who campaign daily against hostile actions towards our environment. These people boldly speak out against greed and corruption destroying our valuable wild areas and resources.

Some of my greatest sadness is felt when I read about the ruin of pristine wild areas, by some callous corporation focused on huge profits. I am equally sad when I read about animal species that are trafficked and traded just because someone wants to put them on the menu as an exotic food or sell them as traditional medicine or magic remedy.

I really hope that my readers will side with me in trying to protect our planet and campaign for renewable energy, sustainable development and green building.

Reduce ~ Recycle ~ Reuse ~ Reduce ~ Recycle ~ Reuse

We recognize that book production does have an effect on the increasingly threatened environment, so we undertake to use recycled paper, post- consumer waste fiber (PCW) and moreover have our paper certified by the FSC.

For the sales of my publications, I undertake to give ten percent of my income to organizations protecting the environment.

For making a donation directly to a charity protecting the environment,
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