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Blood in The Medicine Bowl

Inviting all book reviewers! Before I begin to sell my novel on an online platform, I need some reader feedback. So please get in touch with me. I can send you a copy of my ebook.
At the end of September (2021) I had an amazing breakthrough. I was invited by Dr. Andrew Butler in South Carolina, USA to do a podcast interview. It will be broadcast on iHeartRadio in the USA later this year.

September Update

I was greatly encouraged to read this article about a young Vietnam woman swimming against the current of popular beliefs and economic interests in her home country and raising awareness about the wrongs of the illegal wildlife trade.
This article was posted on the AlJazeera website in September 2021:

In August 2020 the SA media reported that Covid19 has resulted in a big decrease in poaching and some countries like Vietnam have put bans on wildlife product imports. Something to be grateful for in these hard times.…/south-africa-has-cut-rhino…

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