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Children’s ebooks

Arnie and the Space Rock Release date: December 2021

A monkey family sees a meteor flying towards the Earth. When it crashes into a forest reserve, all the monkeys in the strike zone fall down and lose consciousness. Only a baby remains alert and picks up a small meteorite, a piece of the larger boulder. Sam, the wild park ranger arrives on the scene and seeing the baby which he believes is now orphaned, he picks it up and takes it home. So, begins the story of the little monkey who carries the musical space rock and finds a new home with two children, Sally and Greg. A book suited to elementary school students; between 4-9 years.

Print & eBook: Not yet available. Contacting publishers. If you are an educator please email me for a free eBook and send me your comments @ contact us


Blood In The Medicine Bowl Release date: July 2021

Fasten your seat belt and prepare your imagination for a turbulent flight over the badlands where cops and criminals battle each other. While the criminal’s mind is scheming up plans to exploit, extort, defraud and cover his tracks, the expert detective is looking for loose ends, small, but telling details and people who will talk in exchange for favors. Detective Liz Beyers is in Johannesburg. She is a young detective eager to find success. Detective Beyers is tasked by the South African Police with solving the increasing scourge of rhino-horn poaching. 

Detective Zhang Lin in Shenzhen, China is also an esteemed crime solver and villain buster. He is desperate to find a crime which can stick to the notorious gang boss, Dai Fang. Beyers and Zhang are pulled towards the same cluster of criminality.  Can they trap the Blood Moon Tiger and the White Shark, thereby saving the endangered rhinos?

eBook and Print: not yet available: Waiting for publisher’s response

Expected date of publication: September 2021. eBook is freely available to book reviewers from 1 July 2021.

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